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Nikon MB-D11 Unbox and Sniff Test

The Nikon MB-D11 is the vertically grip for the Nikon D7000. What that allows you to do is have a second battery in the camera as well as take your pictures with the cameras vertical shutter release. Using the grip makes your camera feel a little more substantial in the hands as well as allow you to operate certain functions vertically.

Pro bodies like the D3s and D3x have a larger body with these grips already built in. I personally prefer shooting a camera with a grip as I have been shooting that way since my Nikon F5.

If you have the $249.99 to spend on a grip and think it will be useful to you than I would pick one of these up. You don’t need to get a second battery but you do have the ability to load the grip with another one. This would be great for people who shoot a lot of portraits as you will no longer have to awkwardly turn your camera and wrist to get those vertical shots.

If you would like to pick one up please call Allen’s Camera at 215.547.2841 or you can pick one up at AMAZON below.