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Nikon D600 Review - Video Quality

After reviewing the quality of the still images form the Nikon D600 I thought I should do the same type of field review for the video quality of the Nikon D600.

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I had the perfect opportunity to put the video capability of the D600 to the test when my friend Graham Colton came to town to play a show.

All LIVE video shown is this video was shot with one Nikon D600 and various different pro Nikon lenses.

I was very happy with the results of the video quality from this camera. Sure there is the one current downside where you can not change the f stop during video recording but to me that is minor.

The video is clean, colorful and sharp. I now have no reason to grab my d7000 to shoot video since this D600 is full frame and allows me to get wider coverage for my videos. I hate grabbing the D7000 and having to put a fisheye on it to get a wide enough shot.

The video quality of this camera sealed my final all around thoughts about this camera. It offeres you not only great stills in low light and any other situation but very very good video quality to boot.

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