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Now that's a great idea for photographers with studios: Squarespace Rapid Fire Critique

Welcome to another Squarespace Rapid Fire Critique. This time around I take a look at Atlanta Photoworks which so happens to built on Squarespace. This critique was not to different then some of the others in the past but one thing did stand out to me that I want to address.

What Gene has done is taken his photo studio and opened it up for other photographers to rent it by the hour. Why is this smart you may be asking yourself? Simple, because you’re not always booked which means your studio sits unused. By offering it up for other photographers to rent you are adding revenue to your bottom line. The added money may be enough to cover your entire rent for the month if not more. On top of that you have the ability to offer gear rentals which can add even more money to your bottom line.

In todays market you need all the help you can get generating income as a photographer. Photography doesn’t always cut it when it comes to making enough money to sustain yourself. When you add another source of revenue coming in, you give yourself a better chance to make it as a photographer.

Here is my feedback about the site. The site is clean, easy to navigate and the images fit. My comments would be to add social buttons to the top right of the page and not just at the bottom. I would get rid of any photo that looks over processed or has some kind of filter effect added. There is no need to add filters to your images in post, they just look cheesy.

All and all I think this is a simple and clean design that gets the job done. If you are interested in trying Squarespace out for yourself please check out to get your 14 day FREE trial. If you decide it’s for you, please use my code FRO at checkout to get 10% OFF your first year.