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Photo of the Day - Basketball Coach

A friend of mine is a school teacher who coaches the schools basketball team. I went out one day to shoot pictures of him coaching and capture it with the Nikon 300 2.8. School gyms tend to have the worst lighting ever which leads to terrible color. That is the main reason why I made this black and white, i love how it pops.

Notice how I broke the rules on shutter speed vs focal length. You generally are not supposed to shoot slower than the length of your lens. In this case I shot at 1/160 and the focal length was 300mm. What helped me out here was the fact that I was not hand holding, i was shooting with the help of a mono pod. You can see how tack sharp this is and see that in photography rules are meant to be broken.

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Nikon D3 Nikon 300mm 2.8

ISO 2500 1/160 @ 300mm