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Photo of the Day - Brian Boucher from 2000

This photo was taken back in 2000 when i was in college.  I had a photo credential to shoot every home game as I was shooting for a local magazine that is no longer around.  This picture was taken during the pre game skate.  I had access to the bench area to photograph before every game which made for some great shots and great player interactions.  Look how thick the black and whites are in this image.  This is where I fell in love with extremely high contrast images.

Nikon F5 – thats right a film camera (it was 2000)

FILM – ILFORD 3200 Black and White ASA/ISO  (this was really 800 speed and pushed in developing – meaning it developed for longer.

Hand Processed – I hand developed the negatives in the darkroom.

Lens – I am pretty sure this was taken with the Nikon 80-200 2.8 ED 

Settings – At this point I could not tell you where they were set.