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Photo of the Day - Little Jared Photo by my mom Circa 1984 ish

This is one of my favorite images of myself.  My mom was the photographer of the family, she would always make us stand around waiting for her to take the picture.  We could be in Disney or the beach and she would say one second, hold it hold it, than my dad would start to say shoot the picture already.  Or he would try and make us laugh by saying though his teeth “say shit”.  So most of the images that I saw her take her of us on vacation or the first day of school or for halloween.  

But what makes this shot special is that it is a perfect candid image.  She got down on my level which is so very important when capturing kids.  It is framed very very well and just captured a great moment.  

She loved taking pictures, my biggest regret that will always eat at me is that I didn’t dedicate enough time to helping her better he photography skills.  

Hopefully me helping all of you out there will help fill the void.

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