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Photo of the Day - Stage 6 Studio Tear Down

The lease was signed, the money was exchanged and now it was time to gut the new office and warehouse.  Stage 6 Studios was ready to get to work on retrofitting their new digs.  I was brought in to capture the transformation and tell its story in images.  It is always hard to select one image from a photo story as the collection usually represents it better.

I decided to pull this one image of my long time business partner Ari who was busy getting rid of wires that were no longer needed.  I like how he is the only person in this image. Take note how Ari is not in the center of the image.  This image is much stronger because it utilizes great composition (rule of thirds).

I love shooting ultra wide with the 14-24mm but still being able to keep the focus on the subject.  Always remember when shooting wide, get closer to your subject, tell a story with the frame.

This image is not cropped

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Nikon D3S Nikon 14-24mm 2.8

ISO 2500 1/800 @ F/2.8 @14mm