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Photo of the Week - 8x10 View Camera

While in Park City Utah I got the rare chance to just walk around by myself in an almost empty town. The air was fresh and brisk and the streets were all mine. I decided now was the best time to run the Sigma 17-50 2.8 threw its passes on the Nikon D7000. I will get to final reviews of both pieces of gear very soon.

I don’t often walk around seeking out scenes to photograph. Most times I am capturing images of people or events but in this case I opened my mind to seeing the world differently. I forced myself to look and observe and see the images that I wanted to capture. That is when I happened upon a photo gallery of amazing prints all captured with large format cameras. Now thats not the interesting part, the interesting part is actually seeing a large format 8×10 view camera just sitting in the window.

For those of you who don’t know what a view camera is please see the image below. Just image a negative that is 8×10 in size. That is huge, if someone could make an 8×10 image sensor it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars. With a view camera you get one frame to capture the image before you have to remove the neg carrier and replace it with another sheet of film.

One day I will give you guys a look into how these large format cameras work. In the meantime take a look at this photo of the week and know that I had to change my mind set in order to “see” this image.

Photo of the Week - 8x10 View Camera