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Photo of the Week - Dodging and Burning in the Darkroom

This weeks photo of the week brings us a photo from the college archives. This image was taken 11 years ago of Greg for an assessment to capture a self portrait. Greg asked me to help capture the initial image he was going for before he took the images into the dark room.

You will hear in the video that no photoshop was used but good old fashioned dodging and burning in the darkroom to get the multiple exposure. This was not an easy task as you will hear about in the video. If you made a mistake on the final exposure you had to start all over.

A lot has changed over the years and this once hard task has been made beyond simple with the speed of computers and the software we use. If you ever get the chance to get into the darkroom I would say go for it and see for yourself what it was like.

Photo of the week