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Photo of the Week - From the White House

What an amazing job it would be to photograph the president day in and day out. You get to go everywhere see everything even hear everything. This job also has to be tough, as you have to be everywhere the president is and capture the good with the bad.

Lets look at this image which the white house has put up on their flickr photo stream. We know the importance of what he captured, we know what was going on at the time this image was taken. What I find amazing is the fact that no one is ever focused on him in any of the images you see. As the photographer people are so used to seeing him around that he is a fly on the wall documenting for all time.

This image captured a moment, a moment that will live on. This is what is great about photography, it captures a moment in time where a video may not capture the same emotion.

All I can think is that Peter is photographing the biggest rock star in the world and has the ultimate access. He is privy to things that most people will never be privy to. The weight of the world sometimes may fall on his shoulders to capture the images in both good and bad times.

Do you think you would be able to work under those pressures?

Click the image below to follow the white house flick photo stream.