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Photo of the Week - Wedding Photography Tips

During weddings you know you need to get fun and interesting shots of the brides maids and groomsman. In this case we have a fun picture of the grooms doing their take on the famous scene from Reservoir Dogs.

What is going through my mind during a photo like this is that I want to get the groom in focus and have the groomsman slightly out but spread across a frame. Generally this image will be used in a 10×10 custom flush mount album which means the printed image will be “CROPPED” to 10×20. Yes I did just say “CROPPED”. The reason it has to be cropped is that 10×20 is a 1-2 ratio where full frame is 2-3. Also knowing that the image will be 10×20 as a final print I shoot knowing I have to leave room somewhere in the image to crop out. In this case it is the top of the frame. As you will see in the video I left a lot of head room to allow me prep this image for the final size.

Here are 5 suggestions for poses to shoot when you are photographing a wedding.

1. Groomsman picking up the bride – This always makes the bride smile and everyone laugh. Not all brides will want to do this bust many will and it makes for some great images.

2. Bridesmaids surrounding a kneeling Groom – In this photo you have the bridesmaids surround the groom and than say ok now lean in and give him a kiss. This again will lead to some nice smiles and laughs. If they would like to try and pick up the groom than by all means let them.

3. Reservoir Dogs – Just like in this photo this makes for a great shot for the album or a final print.

4. Groom dipping the Bride – This will make for a great image if you have a deep background to shoot that you can blow out. Have the groom lean the bride back and look into each others eyes. Than say now go for the kiss. You can shoot both vertical right and don’t be afraid to shoot some horizontals as well.

5. Infront of where they got married – Brides and Grooms want to capture where they got married. If they got married at a beautiful church or a scenic location be sure to have them out front and capture a nice wide angle with the two of them looking at you as well as kissing. You can go virt and hori while making sure you are sowing all the detail of the scene.

Wedding Photography - Photo of the WEEK