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Photo of the WEEK - Weezer

This past Friday I was at the Weezer show shooting form the pit. I have to say there were a few good people in the pit to talk to this show.

I know this is a little off track but my brother was at the show and talked his way into the pit with a shot of Jack for me.

Now back to the photo, shooting form the pit is not where I always like to be. But I did not have an all access pass or stage access this time around. So it was like the old days where you are limited to 3 songs and have to fight for position with all the other photographers.

My recommendation for when you are shooting three songs in the pit is to start with some wide angles and be sure to move through to doing some tighter shots of the artists. This photo that you see below was captured because I set myself in one location in the pit while Rivers the lead singer was walking around. It just felt like he was going to do something and it turns out he decide to jump. I was ready with my settings, lens, focus and position and I captured it!!!!

I can not stress enough how important it is to pick a spot in the pit and not move around terribly to much. Feel the song, know the artists as much as you can and prepare to feel the moment as it happens.

Nikon D3s Nikon 14-24 2.8
1/400th F/2.8 ISO 5000
Shot RAW not Cropped

FroKnowsPHoto of the WEEK Weezer