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This will take PRODUCT reviews to a new interactive level: Arqspin

I have been looking for a solution to step up my review game by making them interactive. I found a company called Arqspin that creates this interactive 360 spins that showcase whatever I want very well.

I first got this idea when Todd Wolfe made a video where he spun lenses around so it would look cool on video playback. He simply used an old DJ Hero which is not a viable option for consistent results. After some research I found the Arqspin and purchased the big boy model which holds up to 300 pounds as well as the smaller model which does 175.

The whole idea is to allow people to interact with whatever it is I capture. Here’s how it works, you film roughly a spin and a half. After that you upload your video (250 megs or less) to their software which creates the spin. You have the ability to tweak the video once it’s uploaded as well which allows you to pretty much get rid of the spindle if you would like.

There is also a FREE app that let’s you create spins with your phone and I was shocked as hell when I tested it out with Todd that it worked in a matter of seconds. You can see some sample spins below. We have already put this into practice on the FroKnowsPhoto Mega Game show from a few weeks ago to showcase prizes spinning.

Canon 16-35 2.8II

Iphone 5s Arqspin test