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It's Post Man FRO with A Package For You!!! #004

Postman Fro knocked on my door again with a special package. This time around he brought me the Video Mic Go from RODE.

What makes this an interesting microphone is the fact that it’s only $99. To grab a RODE microphone for $99 bucks is flat out a steal. The quality behind the brand is second to no one.

I have a few different video mics from RODE but this one is by far the easiest one to use. Where the other mics have these rubber band type shock mounts the GO has something called a Rycote Lyre shock mount. Now I had to get my guy on the phone over at RODE to explain what makes that feature so important.

He gave me a quick education on a special type of mount that Rycote makes for very high end microphones. Pretty much it’s a plastic mount that is all one piece that requires none of those pain in the butt rubber bands.

This is a direction microphone meaning you are going to get great audio from whatever is right in front of it. For example if you are shooting someone playing the piano and your pointed right at it your going to isolate the sound. This would be good for interviews if you are a few feet from the camera as it will isolate the speaker.

Another great feature is that the GO does not require any batteries. It is powered right from the camera which means one less thing for you to worry about.

Pretty much this microphone is a set it an forget it type of item.

If you are just getting into video you have to know that audio is just as if not more important than anything else. To pick up a professional quality microphone