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POTW - How to edit a 7 year old RAW file from a D2H

Photo of the week has been moved to Thursdays now that the FroKnowsPhoto Show gets posted on Mondays.

This weeks photo is of a friend Graham Colton that was captured almost 7 years ago. Back than I made the choice to shoot RAW plus JPEG in my Nikon D2H because no one could tell me which file was better. I figured it would be safe to have both files just in case one was better than the other. I think it is a very good thing that I still have the RAW file. As you will see in the video I am able to make corrections today that were not possible in Adobe Camera Raw back in 2004.

Take a look at the video and I will explain how this images was captured as well as edited.

Nikon D2H Nikon 20mm 2.8
1/250th F8 20mm or 30mm equivalent on DX
1 Strobe of to the side Shot RAW not Cropped

Graham Colton