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Photo of the WEEK - Blogworld Expo NYC 2011

Last week I spent 3 days photographing BlogWorld Expo NYC 2011. My job was to capture not just the tight shots of people speaking but also get the wide angles of the event.

Some photographers who photograph conferences have a tendency to just focus on what is going on on stage. They will shoot all tight shots when the fact is there is a lot more going on than just that. It is your job to see and feel the images that present themselves. There are room shots to be had that show people paying attention or listing intently to who ever is speaking. Shoot the wide shots of that as well as tight shots of people listening.

There are so many different angles you can take at these events you just have to keep your eyes open and your mind thinking about ways to capture different images.

This weeks photo of the week is a shot from blogworld that I felt could be used as a great advertising piece. It shows that the event was packed, so packed that people had to stand outside the door to get a peak in on who was speaking. The feeling I get from the image is that I want to know whos speaking, how great must they be that people are not only standing but there standing outside the door peaking in.

Just remember to keep your eyes and mind open on these jobs, its your job to see the images that others just don’t see.

Below you will find a slide show of images from the event. Take a look and see the type of images I captured for this event. I took out a lot of the speaking shots because they were pretty much shots of people speaking.