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Quality Photos trump all, but can a bad website cancel that out: Rapid Fire Website Critique

Welcome to another Squarespace Rapid Fire Website Critique where I critique one of your websites no matter what platform it’s built on. If you don’t have your own website just yet please check out to get your 14 day FREE trial. It’s what I use for my personal portfolio.

I will continue to say it, Quality photos trump all. Quality work stands out from the rest of the crowd. With that being said can a poorly designed and functioning website make your quality work seem less quality?

This photographers website is not bad, it’s not the best but it gets the job done. I like how it showcases the work nice and large which is far more important then a lot of other things.

One thing I did not like is that it offers up all photos for sale. I think that your portfolio should not have a buy now button on every page. Especially if they are photos of kids, who would possibly want to purchase those photos other then the family?