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RANT: Enough BITCHING About This

The one thing I am tired of at this very second is listening to people complain about 2016. “But Jared so many celebrities died! Trump is going to be president! This year can go away!”

Enough BITCHING people. It’s not the year that’s the problem–it’s you. It’s your mentality; it’s your complaining and inability to take action. Does it suck when a well-known person dies? Of course. But people are dying every day all over the world, many who go unnoticed by the masses. Just last week, a family I have known for a long time lost their 26-year old son to cancer. That hits close to home. So young, so sad. They are not bitching and complaining. They are picking themselves back up and continuing on.

The point of this RANT is to urge you to stop bitching and complaining and wishing the days away because you think something didn’t go well. Stand up for the stuff you believe in, take action, do something but most of all STOP BITCHING and COMPLAINING.