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RANT - Why I will never buy Oakley Glasses AGAIN

Now you know I talk a lot about products that I do like or like even slightly. I am not bashful about talking about products I don’t like but I tend not to post to much about it. In this case I felt I needed to share with you why I will never buy Oakley GASSES AGAINA!!!!

I purchased my prescription Oakleys in 2008 for $320. That is a lot of money for anything and you expect quality products when you spend so much. I have always heard that Oakleys were the best and thats why I decided to go with them.

Why I will never buy OAKLEY Glasses AGAIN

Man was I sorely mistaken when the lenses started to crack, first it was small and then it started to spread. There was a one year warranty and I was a few weeks past and was told they will not replace or fix them. My issue was not that they wouldn’t fix it out of warranty my issue was that they did not stand behind their product. I can understand if it was my fault but when a company makes a defective product I expect them to stand behind it no matter what.

I decided to send the glasses in even after being told they would not fix them with a long letter. Long story short is they replaced the lenses.

Fast forward a little over a year again and another strange thing starts to happen with my lenses. It looks like they are separating from the inside causing a ghosting unclear area to form. I contacted Oakley again and they once again said its out of warranty and they would not replace it. This time they stood firm on it and told me there was nothing else they could do.

To me that is not acceptable, when something goes wrong with a product that is supposed to last I think the company should stand behind it. I am now in the market for some other brands glasses and would be more than happy to test them out. If you work for one of those brands that is not OAKLEY feel free to contact me at Jared@FroKnowsPhoto DOT Com.

The last part of this video is about the importance of getting your eyes checked often. I try and go to the eye dr’s every year just to make sure everything is fine. There are few things more important than your eyes so you should go get them checked out so you can take care of any issues you may have.