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All Things NIKON MIRRORLESS VS SONY (Is Nikon CRAZY?): RAWtalk 248

Welcome to RAWtalk Episode 248! WE’RE BACK!!! Join us this week as we discuss all things Nikon Mirrorless. We got a few hours to put our hands on this camera yesterday and give you some first looks and thoughts based off a pre-production, beta firmware camera. We dive into some photo news discussing DJI’s new drones and a possible Nikon-branded XQD card as well. As always, thanks for watching!

00:00:18 – We’re BACK!!!
00:01:15 – You Like My Jacket?
00:04:50 – We Updated Our RAWTalk Cameras
00:06:56 – I Went to NASA!
00:12:22 – What Has Stephen Been Up To?
00:14:10 – The Todd Update
00:15:30 – Photo News: DJI’s New Mavic Drones
00:21:50 – Nikon-Branded XQD Card?
00:25:21 – Gear(s) of the Week: Rode Video Mic Me-L
00:26:55 – Gear(s) of the Week: ProGrade Digital Card Reader
00:28:10 – The BIG Discussion…All Things Nikon Mirrorless
00:35:24 – Nikon Mirrorless Adapter
00:39:35 – Nikon Mirrorless Lenses
00:42:42 – Nikon Lens Roadmap
00:48:30 – Where Did Todd Go?
00:49:35 – Nikon Z7 Auto-Focus
01:01:48 – Nikon Z7 Video Test
01:09:23 – Frovertime!!! (AKA Flying Solo)