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Canon EOS R Hands On , iPhone XS Camera, HAWAII TRIP | RAWtalk 250

Welcome to RAWtalk Episode 250! Join us this week as we discuss our recent trip with Canon to Hawaii where we got our hands on the new EOS R mirrorless camera. We also dive into some photo news discussing the new Profoto B10 flash system, Fuji’s new XT-3, the new iPhone XS Bokeh slider and more! As always, thanks for watching!

Canon EOS R Spec Video:
Canon EOS R Hands-On Photoshoot:

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00:00:17 – Perfect Start…
00:03:10 – What Did Jared Forget in the Bathroom…
00:06:15 – First Class Ticket to Hawaii, Thanks Canon…(not)
00:08:40 – Our Time in Hawaii with Canon
00:10:18 – What Happened in the Pool?
00:14:03 – Getting Paid by Canon (Our “Swag” Bag)
00:15:42 – Jared Does a Hula Dance (Viewer Discretion Advised)
00:17:49 – What else Happened at the Pool?
00:19:09 – Our BIG ASS Print of the Fro Factory
00:23:07 – Photo News: Profoto B10
00:25:23 – Fuji XT-3 Announced
00:29:32 – New iPhone, New Bokeh Slider?
00:36:28 – Hands On with the Canon EOS R
00:39:59 – What’s the Third Ring on the RF Lenses?
00:41:53 – Who Texted Jared?
00:52:55 – Meeting Canon Execs with Ken Rockwell…
00:58:56 – Stephen Teaming up with DPReview
01:05:26 – Frovertime Q&A