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Unboxing the $2,000+ RØDE Classic II Microphone

Let me start off by saying I am in no way an audiophile nor do I classify myself as an expert in audio recording. This is an unboxing and sniff test with a full review coming in the future. The full review will include experts and real world tests.

The RØDE Classic II Microphone from what I am told is one of the best recording microphones around. The one that RØDE sent me is numbered out of 5000. I am pretty sure this will be the last run of these microphones as they are very expensive to produce.

I can say thatI have not help a microphone of this size and weight ever. I know how nice the Broadcasters are that we use but this Classic II is larger and heavier.

It comes in it’s own case with everything you need. You have the microphone, the shock mount, an extra capsule and some massive cables.

Like I said above, I will be bringing in audio experts to conduct tests so we can share with you the best practices for recording with this mic as well as how it sounds.

As a photographer we know how important it is to use quality glass and the same thing applies when it comes to recording audio.