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ROKINON Cine Lens Unboxing: 35 1.5T and 85 1.5T

Readers have been sending in request for me to play with and review the ROKINON lenses. I have known for a while that has carried the lenses but there has always been one concern for me.

My concern has been that the lenses are manual focus only. But when you think about what these lenses are primarily for it becomes less of an issue.

These lenses are great for capturing tack sharp and colorful video as well as capturing still images of subjects that you have time to get in focus.

The lenses are built very well along with have smooth focusing and aperture changes. The only slight issues I have found and I mean these are pretty minor is the fact that the lens cap is tougher to grip and the lens hoods seem to have a plastically feeling.

This video was recorded with the Canon 5D Mark III along with the ROKINON 24 1.5T Cine Lens. You can see how sharp and colorful the video is which is what its all about.

If you are looking for affordable, quality glass with large apertures than you should take a look at the Rokinon lenses.