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SpreeCast LIVE Sunday Dec 4th 12pm EST

On Sunday Dec 4th at 12pm EST Adam Lerner and I will be LIVE on SpreeCast. SpreeCast is such an AMAZING web site for us to do Live Broadcasts on because we get to interact directly with you guys.

This is what makes SpreeCast so useful. SpreeCast allows you to not just have one person on camera but up to four at the same time. What this means is your not stuck with just seeing one person answering random questions that were typed in a chat. We know that google+ allows you to have 10 people on video at a time but the hangout is only limited to those ten people, no one else can join in. SpreeCast is open to as many people as you would like, we could have a million people joined in watching if we were so lucky.

What makes SpreeCast truly unique is that anyone who is watching has a chance to be brought into one of the four squares LIVE. You can in essence raise your hand and ask to join the video chat or a producer of the SpreeCast can invite you onto camera to join the conversation. This takes the live broadcast to a new level, being able to interact and answer your questions with you on video is just amazing.

Gone are the days where one person is live and has to read the chat in order to answer your questions. If we see that you have a great question we will invite you on camera (if you have a camera and microphone) and interact with you. When you are done with your question, we can let you hang out with us or we can make room for the next persons question.

There are so many other great features but it may just be easier for your to check out this impromptu SpreeCast I held on BlackFroDay at Allens Camera. Every SpreeCast is recorded and ready instantly. The recording includes more than just the video, the chat windows, twitter feeds and facebook comments are all recorded for you to go back and read.

Please join Adam and I as we take your questions LIVE Sunday Dec 4th 12pm EST (click here for a time conversion chart)

Click here to RSVP and Sign up for SpreeCast