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Let's Talk Photography With Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down

I have a theory about bands and photographers, there is one in every band. It seems as if in every band I run into I find out that one of the members has a camera and loves photography. Talk about a great conversation starter, when a band member walks up to you to ask you questions opposed to them always getting asked questions.

I recently started following Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down on Instagram as he sets out on his journey to understand photography. Chris just picked up a Canon 7D and some good pieces of glass to get him started. I am going to interview him on Spreecast and discuss what it is like to be able to tour around the world and capture images. What does he struggle with as a new photographer and how does that compare to learning a musical instrument?

Please join us on Spreecast April 26th 2012 at 3pm EST as we talk photography with a touring musician.

Join us on Spreecast April 26th 3pm