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Since being out on the campaign trail in the last year, the thought has crossed my mind more than a few times, whether or not if asked, would I take the position of Chief White House Photographer? Would I have to quit YouTube for that? Could I do both? I guess for now it’s a moot point as it’s probably not a reality, but it is something I’ve thought about.

I got the opportunity to sit down via Zoom and speak with Pete Souza who not only was the Chief White House Photographer for Barack Obama, but also Ronald Regan to discuss his documentary “The Way I See It” Click Here to see the Trailer.

The documentary is currently out in limited release but will be shown on MSNBC on October 9th at 10pm. It is a fantastic look inside two different administrations, one a Democrat Barack Obama, the other a Republican Ronald Reagan through the eyes of Pete Souza.