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Barry Yanowitz interview and photo chat

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I met Barry Yanowitz a few years ago thru Flickr and a local group of Brooklyn photographers. Barry’s work thru that time has always been inspirational to me thru his ode to the greatest city on earth, New York City, and the people that he seems to magically capture in his photos.

Barry exercises extreme patience. He scopes his locations and makes a point to return when the light is just right. He waits for those decisive moments where there’s just enough to add to his photograph that takes it from good to great. He understands composition and loves the interplay with lines, shapes, shadows, light and reflections. He’s also not afraid to shoot in the extreme cold or rain.

A native of Coney Island, much of Barry’s work is in and around that part of Brooklyn, however he’s got a bit of a love affair with New York City and it’s diverse neighborhoods, which he exhaustively and beautifully documents in what are times tributes and odes to places that time’s forgotten.

Please enjoy this fascinating conversation with Barry where he candidly discusses his process both in conceptualizing and creating his photographs. We discuss street photography as a art form, the importance of always challenging yourself, how to be patient, the importance or sometimes lack of importance of what gear you use and a whole lot more.

This interview and discussion is for anyone looking for inspiration whether it be in street photography, documentary photography. Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, Barry is someone to watch.

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