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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Max Jackson Speaks Out For the First Time

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A little over a week ago I got an email from Max Jackson’s father asking if we wanted to conduct the only interview with his son Max. For those who don’t remember who Max is we discussed his situation in great detail on RAWtalk Episode #073.

The quick of it is he took photos of a Color Run event that the Color Run ended up asking for permission to use. They came to an agreement via a Facebook conversation where Color Run could use the images online in exchange for linking back to Max’s Facebook page. Fast forward a few months and Max’s photos started showing up in advertisements which was not part of the agreed upon usage rights.

A lot went down after that including Max being sued by the Color Run and the short of it is that the case has settled out of court.

So here we are with the first and only interview with Max since the entire thing started. I want to preface the interview by saying I had to choose my questions very carefully. I really could not dive to deep into the issues that put Max and the Color Run into the situation they ended up since they have a non disparage agreement.

With that said I think there are some really solid take home points in this interview. We now know more about Max and his future endeavors than before.

If you missed RAWtalk Episode #073 you can download it or watch it below.

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