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High School photographer "Threatened" with suspension for posting PHOTOS online

Anthony Mazur is a High School student in Texas who recently discovered his love for sports photography. He shoots for the schools yearbook, travels to games on his own dime and shares the photos on his personal flickr account. Or should I say “shared” the photos on his flcikr account.

Recently Anthony was called down the principals office where an administrator had his flickr page pulled up on the computer. He told Anthony he had to take the photos down and if he didn’t he would face an In School Suspension. Last night I had the chance to skype with Anthony at his home in Texas to get the full details of the story. Check that out above as well as my commentary on the entire situation.

Anthony has started an online movement called #IamAnthony to bring awareness to his situation. Please show your support any way possible by spreading the word to bring light to this situation.

To read Anthony’s account of what transpired you can head over to his Flickr page right here.

You can read another interview right here on PetaPixel.