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The SMALL Tweaks you can make to your Photography Website that could lead to more jobs

There are always small tweaks you can make to your website that may lead to more jobs. A long time friend of mine asked me to take a look at her page to give my honest take.

First off her site is clean, pleasant and houses some very nice work. It is built off of Squarespace which means she will be able to make any changes quickly and efficiently on her own without any HTML skills.

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One of the first things I noticed on her site is that it did not have a definitive portfolio featured. It did have galleries that showcase some very nice images but not one “catch all” portfolio that someone seeing your work for the first time could latch onto before diving deeper.

In this case the tip is to make sure you have a place where people can find a definitive portfolio of your work. The reason being is they can see your best of the best work in one place than take a closer look at your separate galleries.

When I first logged onto her site I noticed a big WELCOME photo. But I couldn’t click it, it didn’t change to show me more, it simply said welcome. My suggestion is to utilize your home page to make the most impact on people showing up. You want to grab them right than and there with your best work. You can put up a slide show of 10-20 images that when you click them take you into the site to further your message.

Make sure your message is on point from page to page to page. The site is Taylor’s and her husband is Ryan. On different pages you see “Thanks Taylor and Ryan” but on one you see it reversed. Being that the name of the website has Taylor in the name her name should always come first. This is one subtle tweak I noticed that may seem like not a big deal. But a consistent message can go a very long way to success.

This is the BIGGEST change you can make to your site that could lead to more jobs. If you over complicate your contact form you are pretty much asking people to never fill it out. On Taylor’s site there were some mandatory requirements that people must enter in order for the form to be completed. One of those was the date of the event.

The tweak you can make is for asking for a possible date or time of the year opposed to making them select one exact day in order to contact you. It is okay to ask for the information but don’t make it hard on someone who simply want’s to send you a message. The less painful you make this information gathering process the more inquires you will get.

There is still nothing stronger than having quality work. But if your quality work is marred by a poorly laid out website you may be loosing opportunities for more work. Take a look at your own site and see if there are subtle tweaks like I mentioned in this video that could help your site become more efficient.