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A couple SUBTLE Changes that will benefit your online Photo Portfolio

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As many of you know I put out the request for you to send in your Squarespace sites for critiques. I ended up getting 1000’s of them in so it’s going to take me months to get to them all. Please please please understand it takes a good 5 minutes or more to review and critique someones site.

In this case I take a look at Mathews squarespace site. I found that it was clean right off the bat with nice images and only a few galleries. One recommendation I had was to add one of the new cover pages that Squarespace 7 allows you to use. This way people come to your site and see your best work huge across the screen before they enter.

One thing I noticed at the bottom of the page is that he listed his facebook address, phone number and email address. But Squarespace has a simple option that allows you to place social buttons on the page. I went ahead and showed this is in action so you can see how easy it is to implement.

All and all it was a very clean site, I wish I could have enlarged the images more as I feel the images especially the commercial ones deserve to be larger.

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