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I hope you study your METRICS on your Website, here's why

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Metrics or Analytics as many call them are externally important to study on your photography website or any website for that matter.

They let you track not just how many people come to your website but how they enter, where they come from, what they interact with and a lot more.

When you understand what people are clicking on and where they are going you can focus more on that type of content or direct people to different content.

If you want to direct them to different content you can use something that Squarespace now offers which is the announcement bar. I have seen this work extremely well on directing people to whatever content I want to on my website.

You set up the bar simply on the back end editor of squarespace, type a message and let it link internally or externally, wherever you want. People will see it at the top of your site and you have officially directed them to where you wanted them to go.