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Westcott Spiderlite TD6 Review

I have been using and loving my Westcott Spiderlite TD6’s for almost six months now. They are bright, powerful, clean and consistant. They give out the same clean 5500 degree kelvin temperatures hour after hour.

People always want to know why would you use continuos lights vs strobes. The answer is I have both, I use these lights for when I am recording video and I need clean continuos light. I also use them when I do not feel like setting up my studio strobes. Some of the biggest names in photography choice to use continuos lights over strobes such as Peter Hurley.

What is great about continuous lights is you can see the results before you shoot. You know where your shadows are going to be and you can shape the light. You can accomplish many of the same things with these lights as you can with strobes.

The Spiderlite TD6 unit holds 6 bulbs inside a huge soft-box. You can fully tilt and move them around on the stand for the desired lighting set up. There is something to be said for seeing the lighting and controlling it before you shoot your images.

The basic set up starts at a little over $400 but if your looking for clean continuos light these could be for you. There are also less expensive models with less lights that are great for every day blogging and being in front of the camera. I use a smaller one light in a soft box sex up for when I am recording at my computer.

If you are interested in anything Westcott feel free to check out or call 215.547.2841, tell them the FRO sent you.