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The WORST Smelling Sniff Test EVER but an Awesome product - Tenba Air Case

Have you ever wondered how you travel the world or ship an Apple Imac for jobs? Well, a company called Tenba has created the Air Case specifically for shipping Imacs or checking it under an airplane.

I have to thank Postman FRO for bringing me this Air Case because it will set you back around $650!!! You may think that’s expensive, it is but the problem it solves for many working pros is well worth the price.

DigiRichie travels a few times a month and instead of renting Imacs on set he simply travels with them. The issue has always been how do you take in on a plane with you and keep it safe. You can’t cary it on because it’s to big but you can certainly check it. Normally I would be worried to check an Imac but this case is built like a tank. In fact you can stack almost 600 pounds on it and it still will be fine.

DigiRichie will have a full on review of this bag on one of his upcoming episodes since he has taken it cross country and back a few times.

I really like their entire lineup of high end PRO Air Cases. For more info about Tenba click here.

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