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The BEST VLOGGING Microphone?!

This microphone is what i’ve been using when I make my vlog. In the past I hated the battery door, once it came off it was hard to get back on. The rubber bands used to stabilize the mic were terrible as well.

Order from B+H or Amazon

But with this new updated video mic pro plus you now have a rechargeable batter, safety track, auto turn on and off, more control of your levels, Rycote Lyre suspension and more. If you are a vlogger or you’re looking to vlog and you have the cash for this mic, I would highly recommend it.

PLEASE READ: This is not a sponsored video. With that said you guys do know that RODE has sponsored RAWtalk, banner ads, contests and Photo News Fix’s. On top of that we’ve been using RODE microphones since before they ever sponsored anything with FroKnowsPhoto.