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The Fro and His Grandma Lil #68 - Dancing Dancing

As you know I have been making these videos with Lil for over a year now. It is very rare that Lil shows real emotion as she tends to deflect everything as soon as the emotions kick in.

This video starts off all fun with some dancing and laughing before taking a turn to a more personal side. Lil said something along the lines that she is always thinking. And when I normally ask her what she is thinking about she never goes into details and tries to change the subject. This time I kinda of pushed her to see what was really on her mind. I had a feeling what she was thinking and wasn’t going to let her change the subject.

Don’t see this as being mean because it is not. I did this for her to open up and not hide from the emotions and feelings that are there. Like I said, it is very rare for her to show a lot of emotions before she changes the subject. You don’t get to be almost 101 without being a very very tough woman.

So when you watch this video and you see me shake my head it is not a shake in disgust it is me acknowledging the reality of what she’s talking about. The head shake is the disbelief that it is a reality and the fact that I wish I could change it.