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The Fro and His Grandma Lil #79 - Seeing new places

Recently my family got together to have a birthday dinner for my brother, father, sister in-law and Lil. All of their birthdays fall within a months period. This year we all decided to come down to check out my new place and this was a good chance to get Lil out and about.

Lil spent a lot of time in Philly, with her husband they owned an egg and butter store as well as a local bar. I hear that my grandfather was a very honest and caring man who did not care about color or creed. He was nice to everyone and everyone was nice back to him.

Lil really enjoyed her day out and about in the city. She kept telling stories about what streets she used to frequent and where this and that happened.

On our way form the restaurant she kept saying I thought we were going to see Jareds place!!!! She was very very excited to get to see where I am living and working. I have a very steep stairwell leading up to the second floor and we though we would have to carry here but she wanted to walk up the stairs with Helens help.

You can hear her reaction to my place in the video above.

I hope she will be able to make it back sometime soon to hang out and enjoy this place during the day with all of the sunlight that comes in. I know she would love sitting here and doing her puzzles or reading her news paper.