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This Is The LARGEST Teleprompter I've Ever Used: Prompter People

Check out all the different prompter’s you can get choose form at

What I love about the Prompter People 24 inch Pro teleprompter. I love how easy it is to read from a distance even for someone like me who has bad vision. I like how bright the reflection of the beam splitter glass is.

Teleprompter’s i’ve used in the past were much harder to read and focus on because the beam splitter glass was so dim and poor.

I break out a teleprompter when I need to be spot on with the words I am trying to convey. One of these may come in handy for you if you work with clients who can’t memorize a script. It’s much easier to look natural reading it off a teleprompter. It will also save you a lot of time and your clients a lot of frustration.

If the 24 inch model is not for you i’d recommend the ones they make that take your ipad or tablet. The only reason I went with the 24 inch one is to make it easier for me to read at a distance.