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This is Vision

This video is only 4 min long but it shows a true artist at work. Whether it is painting, drawing, graffiti, photography, graphic design, quilting or any other form of art you need vision.

I am not sure if this artist was looking at a picture of Federer or going form his mind but it is just amazing to see what he was able to do in 4 min.

His vision is just amazing, to take a blank canvas and turn it into what he did in such a short time. He saw in his mind what he wanted to create, he mapped it out and he accomplished it. This is the same process that goes threw many photographers minds, how will I capture this image, what lenses will I start with, what angles will I shoot and what would I like the final image to look like.

Take the time to watch this video and see the painting come to life. Think about how you see the images you are out there trying to capture. Are you taking snap shots or do you have a vision for something more.