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This Photography Site Needs A COMPLETE OVERHAUL!!! Rapid Fire Website Critique

When this person submitted there website they left a message that sales have dropped off recently. I may have figured out why.

Submit your website for a critique.

I also miss read there name when I made the video initially until Stephen pointed out it was something else. My eyes have a way of miss seeing things causing me to comprehend them improperly.

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The first thing that hit me about the site is the fact that it looks like it was designed 10 years ago. It’s not responsive and it’s not fully organized.

The package page is just one more thing to leave a customer fully confused and not wanting to progress. There are way to many packages that don’t actually offer anything different other than more hours. So personally I see no added value in going with a more expensive package.

That’s my feedback, I hope it helps everyone out there.