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Ultimate Ears 700 Noise Isolating Earphones Review

I was looking for a pair of in ears to take away with me as my big over the ear headphones just took up to much space. I picked up a pair of these Ultimate Ears 700 to go away with and I can not see going back to carrying the large bulky headphones anytime soon. Though I love the sound and quality of my big over the ears they just do not cut it for traveling.

This was my first time using real in ears opposed to ear buds. These head phones fit into the price range I was looking to spend, they vary from $99.95 at B and H to $150 on other web sites.

When I was looking for headphones I set a price range that I would be willing to spend. I topped out around $300 figuring if I wanted something really good I would have to spend that much. Think about it like your buying camera gear, would you buy a low end lens to get great images. The same think should be said when you are buying audio gear, if you want apple ear bud quality you can spend $9 bucks but if you want something better you will spend a little more.

This is what I loved about these earphones. I loved that they blocked all the outside noise and let me get lost in either the music or movies on my Ipad. You may expect that you may get tired of them being in your ears but I had them in for 2 to 3 hours at a time without any issues. Part of that is due to earphones coming with many different size attachments to fit different size ear canals.

Some people may ask why is there not a microphone built into this pair of ear phones. I think its a simple answer, because there not needed. I personally would not want to take a phone call with these in my ears as I would end up yelling because I could not hear myself. I think the right choice here was to leave the microphone out.

The build quality seems to be very good though they are very small and light. They do come with a special hard case which is great for when you are traveling and transporting your in ears. The wire is anti tangle so you will not end up with knots which become a pain in the butt.

Overal I loved the quality of the sound, it wasn’t like putting small speakers on your ears, it was more like putting a surround sound system inside your head. The crisp and clear sounds made you question weather something so small could create something so crisp.