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Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT Tripod Review

I cam across the Vanguard Tripods when I was at CES this year in Las Vegas. I asked for a few tripods to test out and the Alta Pro 263 AT was one of them. This metal tripod is only $149.99 for the legs and a quality head will be anywhere from $60-$100.

With that said for $250 to get a solid well built quality tripod you can not go wrong. A lot of people cheap out on a tripod and spend $100-$150 for one of those plastic not very good tripods. This is a tripod you buy once and you should have it for 10+ years without issues.

I use this tripod with my Nikon D4 for both still images and video. I even travel with this tripod as its not terribly to heavy.

The bottom line it is built very well, easy to use and full of great features and functions. Be sure to check out to pick up this or other Vanguard Products.