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Wedding Photography Composition Discussion

For this weeks Flickr Photo of the week I got on a call with NYC based Photographer Daniel Krieger . Daniel is a photographer that I met this year at Photo Plus Expo who added this really eye catching shot to the Flickr Photo Group. What caught my eye about this photo is the low angle, straight lines and overall quality of the image. Of course it is a cropped image but in this case it works for what he was trying to accomplish.

I love who symmetric this image is. Everything is just perfectly even from left to right and the fact that the top and bottom are not equal makes this image even more striking. It is amazing how much the subjects pop out at you. They were captured with a Nikon D3s and the Nikon 70-200 2.8 VRII shot at 2.8.

Take a listen to our conversation to hear more about this photo. Be sure to submit your images to the flickr photo group as well.

Boardwalk Wedding