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Westcott UnBoxing and Sniff Test

As you can tell from the video I received a huge shipment of gear from a company called Westcott. Westcott specializes in professional lighting for photography and video.

I decided to pick up a lot of this equipment to help dive back into studio lighting and pick up gear to help me with off camera speedlights. What is great about this Westcott gear is they have everything for professionals and a whole lineup called “Photo Basics” which is designed to get you into the game at affordable prices.

Over the next few months I will take each piece of gear that you see here and give it its on review and demonstration video. This way we all can see exactly what each accessorie does and if it is for you.

AllensCamera is your place for all Westcott gear. They carry everything that you see in this video so please give them a call 215.547.2841

List of gear in this video.

Spiderlite TD6 with Tilter Bracket – Used for constant clean video light
36×48 Shallow Soft Box – Used with the TD6
12×36 Strip Bank with 12×36 40 Degree Grid
13 foot air cushioned light stand
7.5 foot and 8 foot light stand
43 inch Apollo Orb – The orb is a soft box that is as easy to open as a studio umbrella
50 inch JS Apollo
Shoe Mount Umbrella Adapter – this is a must have for all strobists out there.

Gear Review Playlist