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What NOT to cut off in Photos: Quick Tip

How many times have you seen a photo where the subjects fingers have been cut off and it just feels painful to look at. Not actually cut off but cut off in the composition? How many times have you seen someones toes or feet cut off and it just makes the images feel awkward?

This is a simple quick tip on what not to cut off in photos. Some of this comes down to personal preference but in my opinion cutting off limbs, fingers and toes in awkward places leads to strange looking photos.

Try to remember this. If you see that the fingers are going to be slightly cut off either recompose or pull back slightly so the fingers remain. Don’t cut people off at the ankles, cut them off slightly below the knees or mid thigh.

I know this seems simple but once you notice it hopefully it helps you not cut off the subject at the wrong place in photos.