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WIN a ThinkTank Photo Retrospective 20

Here is your chance to enter and WIN a ThinkTank Retrospective 20 valued at $159!!!!

The contest will be open from September 3rd ending at 11:59pm Eastern time on September 19th. (Be sure to read below to find out when you should e mail me)

Here are the contest rules and how you get entries. (open to anyone around the world)

1. You must be signed up on the Fro List to WIN. If you are already on there you will receive 1 entry (The one for the Free Ebook)
2. You will get 5 entries for signing up in the Forum to be a member right here
(If you are already signed up in the forum you get 5 entries)

3. You will get 5 extra entries for answering this question on the forum Click Here

4. If you have purchased a shirt you will receive 1 entry for each shirt. If you would like to purchase a shirt click here

5. If you are a member of the Flicrk Photo Group, Twitter, FB Fan Page and you subscribe to my Youtube Chanel (all can be found on the right of the page) you get 1 entry for each.

6. You must email starting September NOW with how many Entries you have accumulated. The subject line MUST read “ThinkTank Contest” for your entries to be tallied.

There will be ways to receive bonus points throughout the contest so keep an eye to twitter,facebook and your email.

How the winner will be selected. If you have 15 entries you will occupy for example slots 1-15 on the list, the next person has 20 entries they will occupy slots 16-36 at the very end I take the number of total entries and use to randomly select three peoples names. With the final three names Lil will get her chance to randomly select from the final three. The winner will be announced in a video and will be notified the within one week of the contest ending.
Win a ThinkTank Retrospective 20

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