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How to make the eyes pop in Lightroom!

February 5, 2015, Comments Off

In this video, I share with you some advanced Lightroom editing tips and show you how to make the eyes pop in a portrait. I use the brush tool to selectively paint adjustments in areas of the eyes to get … Continue reading »

How to do a Complete Portrait Retouch in Adobe Lightroom

January 29, 2015, Comments Off

We are back with another RAW Edit where you get to download a DNG RAW File to try your hand at editing it. This time around it’s a portrait that I recently took with the Nikon D810 and 70-200 2.8 … Continue reading »

Lightroom Spot Removal Tool

January 7, 2015, Comments Off

In this video I show you guys some advanced editing features in Lightroom using the Healing Brush Tool to retouch a portrait and demonstrate how you can adjust the opacity slider for great results. Often times, you want to heal … Continue reading »

Extended Lightroom Portrait Edit!

September 8, 2014, Comments Off

In this video, I take you thru my portrait photo editing process from start to finish. I share with you tons tips and tricks and unlock so many excellent nuggets in Lightroom! So much of what can make a good … Continue reading »

How Would You Edit This 200 Person Group Photo In Adobe Lightroom

May 16, 2014, Comments Off

CLICK HERE to download the RAW FILE. After my Google Meetup in Israel which saw 200+ readers show up I wanted to capture a group photo. Lucky for me Benjamin Von Wong was on the trip with us and is … Continue reading »

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing: See Every Step I Make

April 23, 2014, Comments Off

I had the pleasure of interviewing Adam Elmakias for a future RAWtalk the other day. For those of you who don’t know Adam, he is the photographer who came up with the lens bracelet and has built a huge following … Continue reading »

Adobe Lightroom VS Photoshop Portrait Editing

April 12, 2014, Comments Off

When it comes to processing and editing my images I spend 99.9999% of my time in Adobe Lightroom. My style of editing does not call for a lot of extra touching up beyond my original edits. This of course is … Continue reading »

How To Convert Nikon D4s RAW Files to DNG So You Can Edit In Adobe Lightroom

March 24, 2014, Comments Off

When new cameras come out you generally will not find a lot of support outside of the camera manufacturer for opening RAW Files. That has been the case for the first two weeks of owning the Nikon D4s. As of … Continue reading »

Lightroom Quick Tips

February 14, 2014, Comments Off

Here’s some Lightroom quick tips to enhance your workflow. Going thru images can be daunting. Trying to make quick picks shouldn’t be something that is time consuming or complicated and in this video I demonstrate how I like to expedite … Continue reading »

Lightroom 5 Export Presets

August 13, 2013, Comments Off

I’ve talked about exporting photos from Lightroom in the past, however in this video, I break it down in much more detail and show you guys how to create Export Presets. Export Presets are great for streamlining workflow so that … Continue reading »