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Is FUJI SERIOUS, Is Lightroom 7.2 FASTER & Facebook For Business Is DEAD: RAWtalk 239

Welcome to RAWtalk Episode 239! This week we start off the show with an update on Stephen’s iMac Pro and we check in on how much faster it is than his Macbook Pro. We then move in to Jared’s Zoo trip and how he tested out new Tamron lenses that were sent in. Jared discusses how he ordered 20 photo prints for one of his personal project clients. Meanwhile, is Facebook for Business Dead? We break down how Facebook’s new algorithm screwed over Pages and their video views. Up next is Photo News where we start off the segment talking about a new memory card brand called ProGrade Digital. Stick around for our new Lightroom update discussion where Stephen tests out v7.2 on his new iMac Pro and Macbook Pro and sees if the update is actually faster or not. And we wrap up the show with another Flying Solo questions & answers segment. Thanks for watching!

00:04:09 – iMac Pro Update – How Much Faster is it?
00:10:40 – What Happens at 1000 viewers?
00:11:40 – Jared’s Trip to the Zoo
00:12:34 – Gear of the Week: Tamron Lenses
00:21:36 – Somebody Ordered 20 Photo Books!
00:26:01 – Is Facebook for Business Dead? Facebook Video Discussion
00:28:56 – Photo News
00:29:43 – The New Lexar? Introducing ProGrade Digital
00:37:59 – What $20 Million in Nikon & Canon Gear Looks Like
00:40:50 – Is this the NEW Sony 400mm f/2.8 Lens?
00:44:11 – The SERIOUS Fuji Story: Fujifilm X-H1
00:53:59 – Lightroom v7.2 is Faster…or is it?
00:58:13 – Flying Solo Q&A! Let’s Answer Your Questions!