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Three NEW Lenses from Sigma including the NEW 120-300 2.8 Hands On

News From Photokina

Sigma has announced a new direction for their lenses, a direction that I think its going to transform their entire future. The reason I say that is the new lines of lenses the Sports, Art and Contemporary all seem to be built extremely well.

The NEW Sgima 120-300 2.8 is a huge zoom lens with what we can only imagine will be a large price tage feels amazingly well in my hands. The new finish on the lenses gives it a solid and professional feel. I can not wait to test this lens out to see how it compares to its predecessors.

The new 17-70 F2.8-4 could be one of those starting lenses for you if your on a budget. I know I am strong on 2.8 and better lenses but at 17 this lens will be a 2.8 and at 70 it will be an f4. This is not a bad range when you are just starting out. This lens also had a very nice feel to it.

The 35 1.4 has what I would call a beastly feel, meaning it feels majorly solid in your hands. It looks like its going to produce some really stunning images at a fraction of the Nikon 1.4 lenses. Only time will tell how these compare to each other.

For now I think this is a strong new direction for sigma, one that will help them solidify their lead in the third party lens market.