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DROBO Booth From Photokina 2012

As many of you know I own two DROBOS, two of the DROBO S units with Firewire 800 and ESATA.

Coming out right now are two new DROBOS that are changing the home storage game not just with speed but with SSD abilities.

The DROBO 5D picks up where the DROBO S left off. It adds the ability to put a SSD in the bottom but also adds Thunderbolt and USB 3.0. This means you should be able to edit right on the DROBO without a problem now that there is major speed. The only issue is, if you do not have a newer MAC or computer with USB 3.0 your out of luck.

The coolest new toy from DROBO is the DROBO MINI which holds a mini SSD and four laptop hard drives. It fits into a small carrying case and is perfect for taking on the road with you when you want redundant storage anywhere in the world.